Monday, March 9, 1998

The Day Ms. Danae Flew Away

Dear Mr. Kurbie,

I know the next few weeks are gonna be kind of rough. I was there not too long ago. I know how much you'll miss her and how lonesome you can be. But don't despair Kurbie, she'll be back soon. She always is.

I know it'll be doubly tough for you too because you just moved into your new house. New surroundings can be a bit frightening and unsettling. Why don't they seem to care about the smell emanating from the kitchen? Don't they hear the sound upstairs? Just as you were finally getting used to things settling down a bit things have to change again. You finally found your place in front of the fireplace and now you have to get used to another's routine.

You're probably wondering why you couldn't go with her to Mexico. But believe me she was looking after your best interests. You can't even drink the water for pete's sake! Frolicking on the beach may like sound fun now, but there's a lot to be said for the peace and quite of a nice home.

The guy I watch over went away not too long ago. Dropped me off at a kindly couple's house. They took real good care of me. Didn't chase me around. Didn't make me work for every meal. Went to bed every night and at a reasonable hour. And let me tell you there were plenty of places to explore and hide in their house. After a while I almost felt spoiled. But you know I almost kind of missed the little fella. You get used to them coming home at a certain time, don't you Kurbie? You get used to their many quirks. You get used to their happy faces that light up as they greet you at the door. Those days will be back soon for you my friend.

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet. But I've heard a bit about her and I hear she's a kind person and for that alone you should feel extremely lucky. Kindness is a vastly under appreciated trait. I've heard that her laugh and smile (though a bit devilish) could light up a thousand stars. Her enthusiasm is infectious. He hasn't acted this goofy since longer than I can remember and I think she has played a part in that. I've heard she's a good reader and a Pepper too.

If I have any word of advice for you it is to try to find ways to enjoy the break from your normal routine. At first there may be a concern about who will fill your food and water dishes and who will take you out every day but soon those fears will subside. She made sure those things will be taken care for you my friend. But whoever is taking care of you now doesn't know all the special routines. It's up to you to teach them the ones you love and to take advantage of the ones they don't know about. Enjoy yourself Kurbie, because the day will come sooner than you know when you'll be back to the same old same old. Not that there is anything wrong with that and I can understand it if that is all you want now. All I am saying is there is something to be gained by new experiences. After all, all you really need is a warm place to lie in the sun, a snuggle, and a belly rub now and again.

I hear you are a pretty bright fellow Kurbie. I hear you even know how to ring a bell whenever you want to go outside. I hear your cousin Sammie isn't so well trained. That'll just mean that your talents will be that much more appreciated. From what I hear this is an annual event in your life so you're just going to have to get used to it and find ways to enjoy the time. One of life's hardest lessons is to learn not to pin your hopes on the behavior of others.

Well I gotta get going Kurbie. He's back and I gotta make sure he knows it's time for our Clouseau/Cato romp. I know how much you miss her now but you are a pretty lucky fellow. I'm sure she's thinking of you as much as you are thinking of her. Take care.

Your friend,

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