Sunday, May 29, 2005

This Place Don't Make Sense to Me No More- Part One

ONCE UPON NINE LIVES AGO, there stood a humble faux brick abode in the heart of aging Familyville. Inside the walls of this less than sturdy fortress lived three boys who sometimes merely co-existed but often times came to realize they were in this thing, whatever this thing can possibly be about, together.

Boof Bonser was a handsome boy. He had a perpetually sad look upon his face but the spot to the right of his nose was perfectly imperfect and his expressive eyes only hinted at the depth of his caring albeit worried heart. Boof had grown up in the wild, roaming the tamed wilderness of a metropolitan park. One day his curiosity got the best of him and he took a step where he shouldn't have stepped. That fraction of a moment cost Boof his leg and forever set in motion the chain of events that would be the rest of his life.

Fred Smoot joined Boof when Fred was just a few months old. The two immediately bonded. Fred was impossibly dashing with his long dark hair and a piercing set of green eyes that could melt the polar ice cap on the coldest of days. It was his nature to be friendly and loving though he tried to keep that weapon of his arsenal quite secret. Where Boof had issues that would make some reluctant to accept him, there was nothing about Fred Smoot that to the naked eye was anything but charismatic and charming.

Boof and Fred ended up together and after a period of necessary adjustment they became inseparable, almost enough so that you could describe them as best of friends.

One day out of the blue the two were joined by a youngster named Nick Punto. Punto was a playful young boy with spacey eyes. Just a few weeks after his birth his trusting nature got the best of him and he was sat on by someone playing too rough and not paying attention at all. Nick's back legs weren't broken but they couldn't be used. The doctors thought that he may never be able to use them again. But Nick Punto was nothing but someone adept at adapting and he learned to get along with what he still had. And where some would have become jaded by the experience, Nick never let it affect his wondrous outlook on life. To him all the world was a playground. And he loved to show his affection to whoever came along.

Boof Bonser and Fred Smoot weren't so quick to accept Nick Punto into their home. At first it was a matter of not knowing what to make of him. Where Boof and Fred had learned over time, like the ocean waves wearing down rocks into sand, to be weary and a bit guarded towards the unknown, Nick Punto had not gotten to the same point yet.

To Boof and Fred Nick's relentless playfulness was tiresome and where they sometimes really needed their quiet and solitude Nick would often egg them on, leaping at them unexpectedly and from every angle imaginable.

All three boys were raised in the Maxolic church believing that if you lived in fear of your sins and truly repented and asked for forgiveness after accepting the truth of the higher being that a tenth life was possible in some higher plain of being. Like many religions being a Maxolic meant believing in things that you had never seen though there was plenty of proof in existing touch and smell that something greater once truly existed.

To watch the three boys day to day was to rediscover the blessing of learning something new each and every day. They may have all been created in an equal place under different circumstances but they all three found themselves sharing a space, a life together whether they wanted to or not. They were as similar as they were different and though they might not have been more than a blip on the radar outside their walls, they all three made this world a slightly better place.

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