Monday, October 18, 2004

My Last Fall

My Last Fall

U am bull

More of a stumble

Than a big bumble




I am truthful

At potlucks I usually

Bring paper dishes

Or chips

Because I can't

Make stuff up

We am weary

See what I love

And love what I see

But I can't touch

What I love

Loving isn't seeing

It's feeling

Tired now

Didn't see it coming

I said I am

And there's no choice

Fill in the oval

is the sole goal

Like Korean soup

to get to

the right answer

and it's all that's

on my mind

and it's all that

I've ever wanted

from you

They am

exercising a choice

thinking with their

heart rather than

their head

As if the difference

between the two

doesn't add up

to a jumble

a frickin rumble

An endless

partisan battle

What you said

hurt me so

because it was

meant to

Minneapolis looks

the same at 7 a.m.

as it does 1 a.m.

on the same day

and I've seen it all

today mumble mumble

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