Monday, June 2, 2003

My Oh Maya

My Oh Maya

Don't you see? when I lost

more than a friend I didn't see

See a way forward To replace what

can't be replaced Unlike an orange

empty fish tank Gone today and

gone tomorrow But I had to move

on 'cuz of flight freedom and such

But you do see and this

isn't an astute vision thing

Life's fabric that every day thing

Like Japanese noodles that

wiggle wiggle and waggle

Dear sweet Maya with saddest

sad eyes like you've seen it all

Still it all is as new as ever

I fell in love April 30, 2003

On a summery summary night

My oh my When you came

out to play My sense of play

could not resist your reaching out

shyly, wily, spry into your home

Lavender mission should I choose

to accept was to determine

if I was ready or not if I could be

To let another into my heart

My brain drained maybe

maybe That other hidden part

was screaming out drip drip drop

splish splish splash U wander into a

tub uncertain echo in my mind

You had a friend, a house

a buttoned up blouse

a domineering companion

part mischievous but all beloved

I watched you intently, preciously

like I had never watched before

Like I had never seen before

An original soul all your own

convinced me all can be true

and kind and worthwhile even

out of the din of a irreplaceable

forever spotted trusting Face

Letting go Whenever is it seen

to remember one small moment

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