Tuesday, March 13, 2001


I'd like to thank my friend Spunky this week for his pointing out the article on Ang Lee that appears elsewhere in these pages. The article wonderfully explains why Lee's Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger touched me so deeply. Also perhaps it's appropriate here to warn about a new phenomenon. My mother taught me at an early age about the dreaded Sports Illustrated jinx. That jinx is based on whoever appears on the cover of the magazine will suffer immediate bad luck. Well last week we devoted several pages of this publication to articles shared by LeAnn about the radio station Zone 105. Days later that station all but disappeared. Call it the curse of the newsletter.

And you'll have to forgive me if this week's column seems even more loopy than normal. I'll come clean up front- I'm under the heavy influence of cold medicine and things are a bit fuzzy right now. Oh look, there's a kitty in the house...

Speaking of which let me share with you now a glimpse behind the scenes here at the newsletter offices. As part of the process every Sunday morning for the past four years when we get to the point of production where the final proofreading is about to occur (yes I know it probably surprises you to find out we do proofreed this publication before it goes to pres( I stroll across Hamline to the neighborhood coffee shop where I have a crush on surly Erin the young coffee clerk who makes my usual double latte to go.

As I look both ways before crossing the road back to my house I usually take a quick glance at my huge front window. There sits Mr. Max. As I get closer to my house I can see Max with his mouth open, a silent meow. It's the cutest darn thing because I know he knows what the routine entails. When I get inside I go over to where his food is and I give him a treat to share with my weekly coffee treat. It's a time for bonding between the two of us. A time to say, "another week, another issue, another job well done."

Things are about to change soon however. Last Saturday I drove out to Mahtomedi to the cat shelter that my niece works at. I am in the process of finding a lil' sister for Max. Brynna, my niece, showed me the cutest grey siamese cat and I was all about ready to write out the check. However these days I'm not home much, and before bringing home another housemate, I want to have time to be around for the transition that I know is going to be a bit stressful for the firmly entrenched feline already roaming the halls.

The idea of another cat actually was cast last summer when Max had his eating the Azalea plant ordeal. I realized then that he isn't going to be around forever so since that day he's been pretty spoiled. Now that the legislative session is draining my attention, I wish I could spend more time with my cat. When I leave in the darkness of the morning he often meows as if he doesn't want me to go. He seldom looks directly at me but he won't take his eyes off me once I put on my outside jacket and gloves.

I figured another human roommate is probably out of the question now that the world's greatest soccer player, who was set to move in, strolled away and I haven't heard from her in three years. Another kitty therefore seems a more viable option.
On the human front it was a week of celebrity tangents. Toward the end of a long, long week I was surprisingly touched when a high ranking 3M official and former boss came over to me before a committee hearing and talked up a storm. He told me he was glad to see I was doing well. Well that was nice.

But better than that was a potential life altering opportunity. When the news was announced last fall that the Dalai Lama was going to speak to the legislature in May, I immediately had this wild notion that with my contacts I might be able to arrange an interview. Wouldn't that be Chris Farley cool? So I've been monitoring all things related to his Capitol junket. Last week I went to a meeting of the planning committee that is setting the agenda for his visit. We went through the minute by minute account of the details involved. I was reminded of one of my favorite M*A*S*H episodes when the gang is planning a visit from Gen. Douglas MacArthur to the 4077. At 10:30 the general is scheduled to meet with the officers. At 11:00 he is to inspect the troops. 12:00- lunch. At this point both Hawkeye and Trapper stand up as if they are about to go get a meal. Makes me laugh every time I see it. The good news is that the idea for an interview was not denied outright and it might indeed happen if only on a very limited basis. I may be one of the few (even legislators are excluded) that have access to the retiring room after his holy one's speech.

Speaking of departed spirits, Friday afternoon I strolled over to the Capitol rotunda and viewed the body of former Governor Harold Stassen. On a cheerier note- Friday evening I joined my neighbor on a journey down to the Walker Art Center where we didn't get to see Yoko Ono but we did get to enjoy the many pieces of art I've heard much about over the years. I will admit jostling amongst the black clad elite just made me want to get home and give kitty a treat.

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