Monday, May 8, 2000

Letters We Get Letters

Editor's Note: A regular feature, "letters to the editor," that hasn't appeared in these pages since our second issue back in 1992 appears here because we actually got two letters this week. We encourage more letters in the future... A further note: Back in my junior year of high school at Frank B. Kellogg in Roseville, I was made the editor of the school newspaper, "The Statesman." This wasn't due to any precociousness on my part but rather a sad lack of senior involvement. Of course I became the last editor of the Statesman, running that publication into the ground. The next year due to budget constraints the school newspaper was discontinued. I'd like to think it had nothing to do with my hiring of an advice columnist, the prestigious Dr. E.D. Adeam. I personally liked the fellow but I know some of my fellow classmates couldn't stand the guy. So it may be risky but we have brought the good doctor to this publication to answer any mail we receive...

Dear Mr. Editor,

It's driving me crazy! I can't watch Buffy without obsessing about how much I hate Riley. He disgusts me. I can't even pay attention to the story line because this idiot is such an idiot! He's ruining everything. Buffy isn't cool, not even slightly hardcore because of this dingbat. She's going all soft core on us. What am I gonna do? I can't take anymore. Did you see that trip she pulled on ol' Angel? What's up with that? When she's been seeing idiot face for so long, where does she get the nerve?
-Unnerved in Uptown

Dear Unnerved,

Let me begin by saying you have slayed my heart. Anyone who obviously understands the appeal of Buffy the way you do cannot be cherished enough. You truly demonstrate that you are among the few that "get it." That said I have another thing I must say: Get over it girlfriend. I think the focus of your frustration is all wrong here. I agree Riley is a dork but that's kinda the point. He's rebound boy for that dark and brooding hunk Angel. I hope you watched this past week's Buffy episode that I think was among the best of the series (which by the way is saying quite a lot... or shall we say "slaying" quite a lot... tee hee). They addressed the whole women being inevitably attracted to the "bad boy" types (and other genders) over the nice guy types. And by the end of an emotional rollercoaster of an episode, Riley actually had added a few grains to his white bread personae. I think you 'd be better off focusing your frustration at Ms. Buffy who continues to be the weak link of the show. Wouldn't it be so much cooler if they changed the show to Faith the Vampire Slayer? A bad girl slayer would be much more intriguing than Buffy who was positively cruel to Angel. Shame on her. Shame shame.

Dear Mr. Editor,

I've been seriously pondering your take on Hope Floats (a horrible movie starring Sandra Bullock) and Forces of Nature also starring Sandra alongside Ben Affleck who I feel is painfully predictable.

I really enjoyed both Practical Magic and While You Were Sleeping and it truly sickens me when I find Sandra starring in such awful flicks. Especially when she exudes so much talent. Sometimes I wish I was her mother so I could tell her how disappointed I am in her. Please respond with sensitivity.
-Dilemma in Dinkytown

Dear Dilemma,

First off it concerns me that you seriously ponder anything dear David writes. Perhaps a dose of Prozac wouldn't be outta line here. (Is that sensitive enuf?) I do suggest you give Hope Floats another chance. Granted dear Sandy has made some rather disappointing movies but this isn't one of them. No it doesn't have any wacky moments. Nope it doesn't exactly delve deeply into human psyche. But it is a quiet reflective movie with a hopeful message: as long as our spirits maintain some semblance of hope that things can indeed get better- we will never be defeated. Like each and every one of her better performances, Sandra's effort in this movie is quite subtle. It's a skunk eyed look, the slight upper turn of the corner of her mouth that gives away what she is truly feeling inside. And that is what this movie delivers: a warm true feeling inside.

As for your views on Mr. Affleck I couldn't agree more which is why he was perfect for that particular role. His character was about being predictable and trying to for at once break out of what was expected of him. What I suggest you do is sit and watch all of Ms. Bullock's movies back to back to back. You'll be a much better person that you did so. Trust me, I've done the very same thing many a day. And look how enlightened I am!

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