Monday, February 28, 2000

Sounds Inside My Mind

Last week Jan put forward one swell idea- to replace President's Day with Singer/Songwriter's Day. While I don't necessarily agree with Ms. Arleth's view of the relative insignificance of our presidents (who by golly can deny how much influence Benjamin Harrison still has over our lives?) I do agree that songwriters deserve to be recognized for their influence in our society. Here are some of the words of wisdom I have to come to live by:

On life's proper outlook:
Lou Reed - New Sensations
"I want the principles of a timeless muse. I want to eradicate my negative views and get rid of those people who are always on the down. It's easy to enough to tell what is wrong, but that's not what I want to hear all night long."

On the sentimentality of lost love:
Troy Seals/Donnie Fritts- We Had It All
"I never stopped believing in your smile. Even though you didn't stay, it was all worthwhile. You were the best thing in my life I can recall. You and me we had it all."

On having a nervous breakdown:
Paul Simon- Allergies
"My hands can't touch a guitar string. My fingers just burn and ache. From what I can see it's people like me we get better but we never get well."

On an under appreciated journey:
John Hiatt/Ry Cooder/James Dickinson- Across the Borderline
"You paid the price to come so far. Just to wind up where you are. And you're still just across that borderline."

On being in love with a girl who sings for her family:
Richard Carpenter/John Bettis- Top of the World
"Such a feeling's coming over me. There is wonder in most everything I see. Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes. And I won't be surprised if it's a dream."

On finding one's soul mate:
Ira Gershwin- Soon
"Oh soon, our little ship will come sailing home, through every storm, never failing, The day you're mine this world will be in tune. Let's make that day come soon."

On one realizing one hasn't found one's soul mate:
Liz Phair- Divorce Song
"And the license said you had to stick around until I was dead. But if you're tired of looking at my face I guess I already am. But you've never been a waste of my time. It's never been a drag. So take a deep breath and count back from ten. And maybe you'll be all right."

On how silly love can be:
Paul McCartney- You Gave Me the Answer
"You'll never be crowned by the aristrocracy. To their delight, you'd merely invite them in for a cup of tea."

On life's greatest heartache:
Hank Williams- My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
"Tonight my heart is bowed in sorrow. I can't keep the tears from my eyes. My son calls another man daddy. The right to his love I've been denied."

On life's greatest joy:
Phil Silvers- Nancy with the Laughing Face
"Have you ever heard mission bells ringin'? Well, she'll give you the very same glow. When she speaks you would think it was singin'. Just hear her say hello."

For those who don't get depression:
Bob Dylan- Never Say Goodbye
"You're beautiful beyond words. More beautiful to me. You could make me cry, never say goodbye."

On destiny:
Chrissie Hynde- Don't Get Me Wrong
"Once in a while two people meet seemingly for no reason. They just pass on the street. Suddenly thunder, showers everywhere. Who can explain the thunder and rain? But there's something in the air."

On the latest night's contemplation:
Brian Wilson- 'Til I Die
"I'm a cork on the ocean. Floating over the raging sea. How deep is the ocean? How deep is the ocean? I lost my way. Hey hey hey ."

On where that contemplation ends up:
Traditional- Hallelujah I'm Ready To Go
"In the darkness of night not a star was in sight, on a highway that leads down below. But Jesus came in and saved my soul from sin, hallelujah I'm ready to go."

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