Monday, January 3, 2000

And Now a Word from Mayor Tommy Shanks

Hi, how are you doing? I'm doing pretty good myself. Well, looks like we survived the turn of the New Year. There were no 'xplosions out here. 'Cept for my souffle which blowed up. Blowed up real good. Ha ha.

But seriously, we actually did a bit of year two thousand preparin' just in case. Never know what might happen. Filled all our empty jugs with water. Didn't drain the bathwater. Bought some extra canned foods and candles down at the market. Then during the evening Mr. Max and I went down to the basement with our tequila, catnip, and rifle and waited for them looters to show up. Thank the heavens they never did.

Yup, the furnace, the water heater, and the refrigerator all seem to be workin' just fine. The only thing that doesn't seem compliant with the year change is my old desk calendar/appointment book. Looks like we might have to buy a new one because all the days are off by one. Max seems like he is compliant though. Remained real regular.

Didja hear I spent Christmas out in Los Angeles? Yup sure did. Didn't feel much like the Yuletide season what with the warm weather and all. On my way out I got to hear the life story of a St. Paul cab driver. That sure was fun. Uh-huh. At Santa Monica beach a young woman fondled a part of herself in front of me in a way you usually don't see out in public here in Minnesota. That sure was interesting. Merry Christmas.

Spent Christmas Day yelling "HAM?" at homeless people in a Pasadena park. Volunteering to serve them food was a nice way to try and get in the spirit of things. Yup.

It reminded me of another holiday tradition I sorta missed this year. As you know we usually spend our New Year's Eve with our volunteer firemen friends. Get really loopy on champagne and end the evening trying to flush a canned ham down the toilet.

Visited the Richard Nixon Presidential Museum. Got to read one of his love letters to wife Pat when they were still courting. Yes indeed, he was the President of love. Well that's all I have to say. Have a nice day.

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